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Silo website structure

Silo website structure

Silo Architecture is a system of information architecture that organizes content into Category that pertains to a particular topic within a website related page. Silo website structure Pages are set up in a hierarchy, from general to specific Line up. 

Search engines award top keyword rankings to the website that proves it is the best fit for the relevancy of a subject or theme that matches the user query. The result, the primary goal of SEO is to improve the website so that the site is about more than targeted keyword phrases

Siloing a website will serve to clarify your website’s Category relevance and will lay the groundwork for high keyword rankings. Silo Website is a core building block for search engine optimization and is normally an advanced topic.

The term siloing originated as a way to identify the concept of linking related information into distinct sections within a website. Much like the chapters in a book, a silo represents a link of subject-specific content on the website. The reason this linking is such a high-Quality SEO priority is that search engines award “keyword” relevancy within their index based on the page and then the rest of the website with the most supporting relevant content. Top-ranked websites are founded upon the concept that a website should physically be organized like a doctoral dissertation. A dissertation has a clearly identified title, abstract, table of contents, then content laid out to reinforce the overall theme of the dissertation as a whole, all with references and footnotes supporting the subject.

There are great websites hidden from widespread search engine result pages exposure because they lack an organic search engine optimization strategy or their strategy does not include enough attention to clear subject relevance or siloing.

silo website structure


The Website requires a multi-step process of planning and implementation.

1. Begin the process of siloing by determining your website Page. Answer questions including:

  •     What Category Page is currently ranking for your website?
  •     What Category Page is legitimately relevant for your website?
  •     How would a user search for your Website (main search queries)?
  •     How can you implement a clear subject website? 

2. Consider whether you can implement your site’s directory structure and apply it if possible. As an alternative, 

3. Carefully examine the link structure implemented throughout related sites, applying linking techniques between pages that Link site.

4. Publish relevant, expert-quality content that includes targeted keyword phrases within the right silos.

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