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Seven Cardinal Sins of Web Design and Development

To err is human; however, when they are repeated, they can prove to be lethal. Web design and development is a very wide-ranging precinct, it requires a lot of precision before and after the site goes online. Any errors (most of them are common) made while working on any website might lead to disastrous consequences.

In this article, we will talk about some of the errors (cardinal sins for any website design service provider) which a designer should avoid in order to make the flawless and exclusive site.

Error #1 – Use of technical terms and jargons:

Technical jargons and terms can be a major turn off for the visitors of the website (They are not trained to understand such phrases). Therefore, while working on web design and development keep aside such jargons, and try to use simple language and words which the audience can easily comprehend. Moreover, keep in mind that the Internet is a universal medium of information, so using language that is more common and easy to understand will often expand your reach, even to include non-native speakers.

Error #2 – Inadequate Navigation

People have become impatient; no one will try and find the important links, they will simply go away from your web page. Therefore, as web design service providers, one should try to provide visitors a clear and consistent navigation path.

Error#3 – Improper utilization of Technology

Though technology has changed a lot of things around us, it can sometimes create problems, especially web design and development. It could be terrible to assume that everyone uses the latest plug-ins or has required peripheral support for any downloads. Hence, try to stick with not so advanced web technology and which is widely used (and supported) by internet users worldwide. This will not let the prospective clients feel alienate.

Error #4 – Discrepancies

An inconsistent website does not leave a very favorable impression on the visitors; a well designed and planned out web pages is the USP of any web design service. Hence, while creating a site; one should look out for any discrepancies in the navigation, color scheme or font.

Error #5 – Spelling and Grammar Errors

A web page without any grammatical or spelling mistake is an indication of utmost professionalism for Web design and development. Therefore, make sure to review the content and do a quick spell and grammar check to see to avoid flaws in the content. In addition to this, look out for misplaced typos as well as take the professional help of a copy editor to proofread the web copy before uploading on the internet.

Error #6 – Lack of Visuals

There is a small child in all of us, who at times surfaces; any company into web design service should remember this principle. Internet visitors would love to see some interesting representation of ideas; therefore, you can use a flash script or can use graphical details about certain products.

Error #7 – Giving too many options

Many designers have this habit of putting the customers into a fix, by bombarding them with too many options (Naturally many choices, will certainly lead to confusion). Therefore, for successful web design service, try to concentrate on the quality of products, not on the quantity. Moreover, give an elaborate idea of the options available.


Mistakes in web design and development can make your efforts go in vain, therefore, while working on a website, avoid some of the above mistakes will averse the unfavorable outcomes.

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