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Basics of Digital Marketing

Understand the Basics of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing concept is made of 2 things Digital + Marketing means to do marketing in digital way or use online as a medium for marketing.


Traditional vs Digital Marketing :


Digital Marketing plays an important role as marketing channel , people nowadays converting marketing budget to digital from traditional . let’s see difference between traditional and digital marketing


Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing
2ROI Calculation is not easyROI Calculation is easy
3Mass MarketingUser interest and behaviour based marketing
4Live optimization not possibleCampaign can be optimized live
5Traditional methods available for marketingAdvance methods and technology available
6Require location based marketing forceCan be done remotely
7Oneway marketing2 way marketing
8Difficult to control and monitorEasy to monitor and control
9Results are not real timeResult is real time


How to start Digital Marketing


Before starting Basics of Digital Marketing, we need to make our marketing plan and once marketing plan will be ready we will implement on digital medium.


Key things of marketing plan –

  1. Understand your product and service
  2. Understand your target audience
  3. Collect or make list/group of your target audience
  4. Competitor analysis
  5. SWOT analysis of brand
  6. SWOT analysis of competitors
  7. Create marketing content and merchandise
  8. Create content calendar and stick to calendar
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