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Appealing content Writing: A Way to Sail Through Google Penguin Update

The sole purpose of any SEO service is to draw maximum traffic from all the major search engines, especially from Google (it is by default the king). Known for its constant changes and upgradations in the SEO policies and strategies, Google, recently, introduced some new ranking formulae to supervise the content like articles and blogs, which do not follow the set guidelines.

It is observed that some link building service providers use unethical (or say methods which are not in sync with the Google policies) methods to get more traffic. Practices like overstuffing the content with unnecessary keywords, plagiarized content, non-qualitative, and uploading meaningless articles or blogs, which is in a way are harming their sites and making them lose business.

Any modifications, even though it is minor or trivial in nature, are always responsible for the so-called “collateral damage.” Although it is being claimed that only 2 to 3 percent of websites are affected by the changes in the SEO guidelines by Google, there were have been numerous reports of many sites losing their business, as they do not follow some of the policies, thus adversely affecting their link building services.

Therefore, in order to recover from this “collateral damage” and to make the SEO services more successful and well organized, one needs to take some corrective measures; and one such measure is cogent and forceful content writing or article writing service.

What we actually mean by effective content writing, and how is it helpful? – Content writing is a means to catch the attention of potential online clients. As a matter of fact, it is seen that excellent article writing services improve the page rankings. With stringent strategies, cheap or low-cost content will create hurdles for search engine optimization. Therefore, nowadays, a special emphasis is laid on the quality of articles and blogs, rather than on its quantity, as quality actually gets the site indexed. Here are a few things you can keep in mind while creating content for your website:

Judicious Use of keywords:

Keywords are considered the backbone for effective link building services; however, when not used judiciously, the search engine can find difficulty in indexing the content. Therefore, it fails to give the desired outcomes. Make sure to keep its density as per the set standards; avoid repeating the same word again and again; it will not rank your page, but would give worse results – it might get your site banned. Use keywords, which are relevant to the content to make it coherent.

Create content for the purpose of social networking sites

Social media is the latest craze among internet users; thus, creating articles or blogs, which can become an instant hit on the social media and social networking websites is an excellent way to achieve preferred results for SEO service. This, in a way, might help you to divert visitors from different sources consequently; you need not have to depend solely on Google for all your traffic. Creating compelling and meaningful headlines can be extremely helpful. Develop an innovative style and focus on quality rather than quantity.

Creation of a resource, which is useful:

The Internet has become a primary source to fetch information; therefore, any visitor will certainly look forward to informative and enriching content. Hence, for successful SEO services, one needs to create a resource from where the user can get relevant information. Writing and publishing interesting blogs or articles, almost makes it irresistible for the audience to visit the site and thus compel them to visit the site.

Produce some interesting content for online forums and blog comment sections:

Online forums and blog comments are potent forms, which can again divert a large number of visitors and thus, fulfills the purpose of link building services. Interacting on such mediums is not only good for gathering backlinks, but it also made the online audience aware of your business and the mission and vision of the company.

Publish a newsletter on a regular basis:

Newsletter publishing is still considered an all-time favorite form to keep in touch with the readers and subscribers (potential clients); thus, giving a boost to the SEO services. Once you have created a list of prospective clients in the form of subscribers, you can broadcast your ideas and offers to these people without depending on the search engine traffic.


Good and original content is a primary force, which in a way drives SEO services to excellence; therefore, it is imperative to make it more forceful to get well with the Google Penguin updates.

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