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3 Penguin Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Statistics say that since the launch of the Penguin Update, more websites have been affected than the number given by Google. With the new Penguin update, Google means to say that the SEO has to be 100% percent or else it won’t tolerate it. Whether you call is Grey, Pink, or blue Hat, Google is smart enough to understand that it’s not White Hat but SEO.
Affected small business owner may fuss about losing all traffic. But their issues can be fixed by White Hat SEO that included diversifying their sources of traffic. Fixing the underlying issues that are causing difficulties. Chances are always good that in the next roll out your website may gain its top search engine rankings.

Talking about diversifying the traffic, it is understood that you don’t completely rely on Google for improving your traffic. That would be a flawed business structure. There are several sources of traffic that can be taken advantage of like the social media marketing or forum discussions. A careful research is important to find out the place from you can get potential traffic.

Here are some important online tips for small businesses affected by the latest Penguin update. Including these 3 tips on SEO strategies, will ensure that you are never negatively affected by any Google updates.

1. Improving User Experience

The last this you would want from your customers is to not leave your website prematurely. If they do then either your website design didn’t appeal to you, got confused with the navigation, or they didn’t like your content. Both the Google Panda and Penguin Updates have been on taking stern measures against website with poor experiences. One important fact to remember is that Google only wants to tickle pink the user search. A website with higher bounce rate does not answer the user search, according to Google. Therefore, Google will push the website down in the rankings.
It is recommended that you keep a track of the web analytics statistics for the last 2 or 3 months. Low bounce rate means low page visits. It’s time to reconsider your page content. Re-designing and reconsidering your website is a good suggestion for making your website more interesting. You would always want a lower bounce rate. In case you need ideas about improving your user experience, then brainstorming with your colleagues always helps. Also, you may go through the activities of your top 10 competitors to ignite creativity.

2. Long-Term Content Strategy

Be content specific. Provide original and unique content to your website on a regular basis. You just cannot go wrong with that. Integrate a Blog with your website. That is an important for a for a successful long term strategy. Add new content to your blog on a regular basis, perhaps a couple of times in a week. Take your time and create quality articles, because they are “liked,” tweeted, and given a +1. Social presence along with +1 has now become an important aspect of SEO and extended visibility on the search engines. It is also recommended that you have relevant videos for your blogs. People are more likely to see videos than read an entire article. The videos should be short and informative. Let the information be on you your products, tips, and testimonials.

3. Be Social

Noticing the changes Google+ has gone through in the recent past, it can be concluded that Google has some big plans with the social networking aspect of internet.
It takes nothing to set up business pages for Google+, and fan pages for Facebook and Twitter. Taking it to the next level may need you to shed some money. Mark your presence on at least 2 to 3 major networking websites, depending on the kind of your business. Being on social networking websites means putting efforts to grow by engaging fans in discussions, receiving their feedback, communicating with them, sharing experiences, and more. The following are a few Social Media Marketing tips that can assist you in pulling people towards you:

• Social Advertizing: The beauty of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube is that they provide a wide variety of target audience. For instance, through Facebook you get to target people with the same sex, location, age, marital status, etc. For increasing your fan following it is recommended that you post your ads on the fan page instead of on your websites. The more fans follow you, the more your popularity increases. Greater SEO benefits are always synonymous to more profits.

• Share Useful Content Everyday: do not be too self promotions because it may ht you in the longs. Share blogs, articles, and company updates but also remember to share some relevant content which is not your own. Post some fun pictures or videos related to your field. The more +1s, likes and tweets you get, you company brand will only grow.

• Contests and Giveaways: Make your fans feel special by organizing contests and giving away freebies, because the fact is that we all like contest that give way free gifts. Increase the engagement rate by posting such contests every now and then. This helps retain the fans, increases likes, and tweets. They are a great way of receiving natural inbound links.

The crux of the matter is that Internet Marketing not such a big deal. It is to say don’t be vary of trying new things because internet marketing is after all nothing but trial and error. Failure will only lead you to success, with the right amount of effort.

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