To run an online business you need to create an E-commerce website and an E-commerce app. Both this website and app must contain E-commerce stores, and these stores should have a huge collection of products so that customers can buy them according to their choices. To make your business stronger, you need to ensure that more and more people visit your Ecommerce stores. Thus, you need a proper strategy to create an Ecommerce store SEO. And this type of SEO can be done by initiating E-commerce store promotion and other tactics. 


You have to create blogs with effective content. By writing such content you need to attract more people. You need to write descriptive content explaining your products so that such content can convince people to buy your products by visiting the stores of your E-commerce website or app.  You can use the links of your E-commerce website and apps in the contents. 

Promotion to Campaign

You need to promote your E-commerce website and app on both online and offline platforms. Apart from the website and app, you also have to promote the products which you sell from your online stores. You need to attract more people to your E-commerce stores so that your sales get increased and you can earn more revenue and more brand image. 

In the offline world, you can give advertisements in newspapers, handbills, posters, etc. You can also give advertisements on television channels and you can take sponsorship of various events. 

In the online world, you can promote in Social media by various paid and unpaid plans, you can buy various advertisement services to advertise in Search Engines, you can send messages via E-mails, etc. 

Social Media

You can use Social Media to promote your E-Commerce website and app. There are various Social Media Channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin, etc. You can create profiles with the name of your business in those channels and using those profiles you can initiate campaigning. 

On Facebook, you can create a profile with the name of your business. Then you can create a page and a group with the name of your business. And there you can make posts promoting your E-commerce site, app, and stores. To reach your posts to more people you can avail paid services of Facebook. 

Launch a Facebook store to sell your products. You can upload the images of your products and can link those products with your E-commerce stores of website and apps. Thus, by accessing this Facebook store, anyone can easily buy a product by clicking a certain button which will redirect him/her to the stores of your E-commerce site or app.   

On Instagram, you can upload photos and videos of your products. And at the descriptions, you can write short content to promote your E-commerce site and app. You can use links and buttons of your site, app, and stores also so that by clicking them people can easily reach your online shop. 

Like Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin also you need to create profiles with the name of your business. On Twitter, you can tweet the short contents (with site links) along with the images of your products. You can follow Twitter profiles of such individuals who are interested in the subject of your business and you can share your tweets with them. In Linkedin, you can make posts with the links and buttons of your E-commerce site, app, and stores. You can send connection requests to the profiles of such people who are interested in the subject of your business. 

In the case of Whatsapp, you can send messages to multiple Whatsapp users, and you can add images, videos, and also links to the website, app, and stores with the messages.

Reduce The Number Of Abandoned Carts 

Many users choose to buy some products, but they don’t buy them. Such products get stored in the carts of their accounts. You need to ensure that the number of such abandoned carts gets lowered. For that purpose, you need to send various notifications to the customers holding abandoned carts and inform them that they need to purchase the items stored in their carts. You can also arrange special discounts and offers for the products of abandoned carts so that holders of such carts feel interested to buy such products. 

To successfully initiate E-commerce shop online marketing, it is necessary that you try to keep the frequency of abandoned carts low by Email campaign. By sending E-mails to the holders of abandoned carts you have to convince them to buy the stored products of the carts.

Initiate Email Campaign

You can initiate Email campaigns to market your e-commerce stores and products in two ways. At first, you can send Emails to random Email profiles of individuals. Secondly, in the registration form, you can keep a checkbox so that during filling up the form anyone can click that box and can subscribe to receive messages in the registered Email id. This is known as an E-mail subscription. You can send messages to those Email subscribers informing them about products, new offers, discounts, deals, etc. 

Implement A System To Write Reviews 

Embed live chat tools with your E-commerce website and app, so that when a visitor stays in your site and app for a certain period then you can get an option to easily chat with that visitor. By chatting you can immediately receive reviews from that visitor or customer. Apart from chat tools, you also need to keep each section in your E-commerce website and app where customers and users can write and publish their reviews. You can reply to those reviews properly. 

Anticipate Future Sales And Take Steps

You must keep track of every customer to see what products they search from which categories. By knowing that information, you can easily decide what type of push messages is perfect for a user, and if he/she visits your site and app, you can easily send him/her such push messages. You can also send messages to the registered mobile number and E-mail id.   

Take Care Of Design And Physical Features

Your E-commerce stores should have a high-quality design, graphics, user-friendly layouts, attractive themes, and a feature of fast loading. These features make your stores attractive, comfortable, and popular among visitors. 

Using the above-mentioned techniques, you can perfectly initiate E-commerce store promotion. More and more people must visit your E-commerce stores. This not only increases your revenue, at the same time it turns the brand image of your company into a great one.